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Students of Theatre Arts doing their thing in the College

It’s that time of the year again: the time when prospective undergraduates fill out post unified tertiary matriculation examination (Post-UTME) forms for the universities, colleges and polytechnics they want to attend. The practicality of the situation is such that even though students fill out six choices in the UTME consisting of two each of universities, colleges of education and polytechnics, economics and logistics limit them to actually taking exams in at most two of the choices. Therefore, the student thinks hard and fast about which institution to pitch their tent in. Here are the reasons why you should choose to come to Alvan.

Alvan Ikoku is the foremost college of education in South East Nigeria having been established in 1963. Today, after fifty years of existence, it has a rich history and pedigree. And it is known to as the ‘primus interpares,’ first among equals in colleges of education in Nigeria. Studying in Alvan will usher you into a hallowed comity of great Nigerians who have passed through these walls. Some include Bishop Ngozi Durueke, Senator Kema Chikwe, Ms Comfort Obi, Prof. (Mrs.) Adaobi Obasi. You can Google the names to find out who they are.

Alvan Ikoku, because of its prestige and culture of excellence, has for many years attracted highly qualified and knowledgeable lecturers. Today, Alvan Ikoku has over 100 Ph.Ds teaching in the college. This number is the highest in all the colleges of education in Nigeria. Hundreds of lecturers have Masters degrees and most of these people are studying in Nigeria and some overseas to bag doctoral degrees. The quality (not quantity) of our academic staff is equal, if not better, than what is available in some universities.

Alvan Ikoku is a modern and visionary college of education and continually, in collaboration with the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), makes changes to the curriculum and starts new courses and disciplines to move with the times. Recently, the college started new departments of Special Education, Theatre Arts and Technical Education. In the past year, a new School of General Studies has commenced with a department of entrepreneurship to teach students skills and vocations and avenues to turn their passions and skills into money making ventures. This is because the college feels an urgency to arm its graduates with extra-curricular skill sets to survive the lack of white collar jobs in our society.

If you are a girl, I want to inform you that Alvan Ikoku is a centre of excellence in girl/women education going back fifty years. Over 80% of the student population is female and if you conduct a little research you will notice that your mothers, aunts, sisters and female teachers most probably passed through Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri. Don’t take my words, cross check it. The college is highly experienced in training and working with women to develop their best potentials. Right now the Provost is a woman, the Registrar is a woman and the Dean of students is a woman. Coming to Alvan Ikoku as a young girl or woman is the first step in the right direction to help any women remove mental and cultural inhibitions and ultimately shatter the ‘glass ceiling’ in their career.

The degree programme (B.ed) offered in Alvan Ikoku is the degree of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). The UNN is the foremost university in Nigeria and coming to Alvan is a great opportunity for securing the UNN degree while living in the hospital city of Owerri and probably closer to home. It is indeed a best of both worlds.

Since the college is now Federal Government owned, tuition fees are some of the cheapest around, hostel accommodation is available on campus and affordable. The hostels have received major face-lifts and water and power are available. Lecturers are paid on time by the Federal Government and thus their motivation is at an all-time high plus the college Management frowns at ‘sorting’ and other forms of unethical behavior from both students and lecturers. In effect, Alvan is conducive for academic studies and certainly the best choice around.

These are some of the reasons why, if I were you, I would choose to come to Alvan.


College awards bursaries to 106 students

awardees pic

Awardees singing “We are the world.”

On Thursday, 18th July, the College Management, continuing in its tradition of magnanimity and student friendliness, doled out N20,000 each to 106 academically outstanding, special needs (physically challenged), athletic and indigent students. The star studded and exciting ceremony graced by a full retinue of Principal Officers, deans, directors, award recipients and their guardians saw the awardees, especially the best students from each department, get commendations from the Management – alongside their cash gifts and a handshake from the Provost.

The bursary awards are the third in the series since Dr. (Mrs.) B. C. Ijioma became Provost. In 2011, 46 students were awarded N20,000 each as bursaries for brilliant students and indigent ones. In 2012, the College upped the tempo and awarded N20,000 each to 150 students, including dozens from the School of Arts who published a book of short stories in English and French.

This year, the golden anniversary of the College, 106 students have benefited. A great chunk of the 106 recipients were the best students in both the NCE and Degree programmes of each department. Many of the beneficiaries scored 4 points and above (CGPA: on a 5 point scale) and the Provost in her address at the ceremony said, “A look at the CGPA of many of these young men and women here show scores of 4 points and above. The Management is happy that many of our students are brilliant enough to score very high CGPAs in this age and time.”

In the best student category, the stand out recipient was Miss Ajaero Vivian from Biology/Chemistry (NCE) who took two prizes from the departments of Chemistry and Biology. Other notables were Ohakwem Jude, Agric dept.; Igbokwe Chioma, department of Accountancy; Ogbonna Stephnora of Business education; Nwachukwu Precious from Fine and Applied Arts, etcetra.

Some students from the School of Arts who excelled in a variety of creative artistry also received awards: categories included dance, drama, stand-up comedy, debates, singing, writing and poetry (English, French and Igbo) and such other challenging and intellectually tasking creations the School organised. This section had Ogbu Anthony Chinweike in short stories in English, Madu Elvis for Poetry in English; Mong Chidinma, poetry in Igbo; Blessing Ibekwe, Trado-dance; King David, individual drama; Amah Okorie, quiz, to mention a few.

Alvan Ikoku hosts several special needs students: many are the physically challenged, who have braced massive odds and difficulties to seek to acquire a higher education. In recognition of their efforts and to give extra motivation to them, the College has deemed it proper to provide cash bursaries to selected number of them every year. This year some of the recipients in this category were Ihunanya Alex from the department of accountancy, Nwagwu Ogechi from Igbo department, Kekeocha Maureen English/Igbo (NCE), Opara Uche Economics/Social Studies and others.

To express their thanks, the student awardees gave a rendition of the classic 1985 song “we are the world.” Backed by the music department, the stirring song, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and starring the crème de la cream of  pop music in 1985, speaks about the need to show uncommon love. It fit perfectly into the ethos of this College Management.


We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me.


And so the exams have arrived. The second semester of the 2012/2013 academic session has successfully rolled to the last bus stop: examinations. After the lectures, the tests, the cultural days, the students’ week, the sporting competitions, the picnics and excursions, the revisions and proposal defence (for final year students), the big one is here. I hope you are ready?

One of the major achievements of the Dr. (Mrs.) Blessing C, Ijioma led Management has been to synchronise the academic calendar to run smoothly – as it should – from September. This is to make sure that students graduate as at when due and eliminate any back-logs from the system. And with the active support of staff and students another session has successfully ended as exams kick-off today Monday, 8th July, 2013.

Nigerian students have erroneously developed an unhealthy fear for examinations, which are still the most efficient method for testing large groups of people. If a student attends classes, does his or her assignments and studies the course materials adequately, exams will pose no difficulties at all. Instead such a student will relish the opportunity to show the examiner his/her depth of knowledge and grasp of the course. Examinations are classically used to test knowledge and basic understanding and secondly they provide a baseline measurement of each individual student’s progress.

Examination malpractice is still prohibited. The exam misconduct teams have been reinforced and will be out and about to punish culprits. Be warned, the College has zero tolerance for all forms of malpractice and in the last couple of years have expelled and or demoted scores of students. Focus on your work, keep your corner tidy and free of potentially incriminating materials, and talking to your neighbour is illegal.

Most importantly the examinations are for bonafide students of the College. If you have not paid your tuition fees then your status as a student is questionable and the College will take any action it deems appropriate.

For the seniors in the final year, a note of warning: concluding your examinations does not mean you have graduated. You still have to complete the writing of your Research Projects and defend them. And since the Projects carry a sizable number of credit loads, you are advised not to get carried away but still work hard to actualise the dream of graduating.

Good luck to all ‘Alvanites’ as you go in to write your examinations. Let your conduct be golden. Please, no ‘giraffing,’ no expo.

PS: The following are the newly elected Deans in the College:

School of Agriculture and Vocational Studies: Mr. Ukegbu

School of Arts: Dr. (Mrs.) Patience Oguoma

School of Education: Dr. (Mrs.) L. Njoku

School of Natural and Applied Sciences: Dr. G. Okere

School of Social Sciences: Dr. B. Mbachu