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2013/2014 Class Matriculates

THe Provost during the 2010 Convocation Ceremonies. The first after many years.

Address by the Provost, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri, Dr. (Mrs.) B. C. Ijioma on the occasion of the 36th Matriculation ceremony of the College, 4th September, 2014



It is with great pleasure and happiness that I welcome you all to this matriculation ceremony. For our esteemed celebrants, the class of 2013/2014, I welcome you specially to this ceremony where we formally receive you as students of this prestigious and golden college.

Alvan Ikoku has a gilded history but especially in the last few years this College has shone brighter and brighter. With Federal Government assistance we have been able to return this College to the glorious days of the 60’s and 70’s, when Alvan Ikoku became first among equals in Colleges of Education across the nation.

My dear Matriculants, you will see that our classrooms and laboratories are well appointed with the necessary tools and equipment to aid teaching and learning. Our lecturers are some of the best in their areas of study. That notwithstanding we encourage them to keep updating themselves and today we have over 200 lecturers studying for Ph.Ds across the nation and overseas.

The hostels and living areas continually receive upgrading. However, we urge our students to make sure that they keep their environments clean. With the outbreak of Ebola Virus disease, this is now a clarion call. Washing of hands with soap and water is the first line of defence against infectious diseases. The Medical Centre is operational twenty-four hours a day and students are encouraged to oblige themselves of its services. But most importantly keep in mind that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Alongside the need to be health conscious is that of security vigilance. We have upped surveillance activities around the College. CCTV cameras are in various offices and locations around campus. Bomb and metal detectors are in use and security personnel have been empowered to conduct searches of vehicles and monitor suspicious activities. As students, you are your own first security officer. Be vigilant, avoid late night movements, and report all suspicious items and persons to the student security officials or the chief security officer and his men.

Recently we have introduced courses like Technical education and entrepreneurship studies to help our students develop their technical and business skills. Soon the ICT building will be ready for use. The centre will house over 600 computer workstations for the exclusive use by our students. This is because we understand that the world is changing and people need more than a certificate to survive. Knowledge and education is expanding at an amazing rate. Survival is dependent on how flexible you are, how vast your knowledge base is and the practical demonstration of your skills. So, as much as you possibly can, develop your all-round skills, in effect become digital, and above all learn to draw inspiration from God.

Before I end this speech let me sound a note of warning: The College seriously frowns at cheating and malpractices, and deals decisively with all offenders. The consequence of exam malpractice is expulsion. You have been warned.

Also this administration does not tolerate exploitation and intimidation of students. We have active SERVICOM and Anti-Corruption units that checkmate acts of lawlessness and exploitation. Any student with a genuine complaint should not hesitate to report such to the SERVICOM and ICPC units.

I wish to inform you that all fees should be paid into designated bank accounts. Fees must never be paid in cash to any College staff nor through third-parties. The College would not entertain any complaints that arise from a breach of these instructions.

Goodluck with your studies: always remember that matriculation is but the beginning of the journey and the prizes and the certificate are given out at the end. So, hoping to see you all again at the Convocation.

I wish to express immense gratitude to God, the parents, guardians, well-wishers, guests and the media for coming to celebrate with our matriculating students.

Thank you, the matriculation committee, for a job well done.

Thank you all and God bless.

Greatest Alvanites!