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Youth and Radio: UNESCO WORLD RADIO DAY 2015

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Text of a News Talk sponsored by the College as part of celebrations marking the 2015 World Radio Day 2015 on Radio Nigeria.

February 13 is World Radio Day as was officially proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at its 36th General Conference. In December 2012, the General Assembly of the United Nations endorsed the proclamation, thereby making February 13, a day to be celebrated by all UN agencies and partners like Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri. It will be recalled that Alvan was established in 1963 through the collaboration of the defunct Eastern Nigeria government and UNESCO.

The importance of celebrating World Radio Day cannot be over-emphasized considering the enormous role the Radio plays in the lives of people. Radio is not only used as a medium for education but also employed as a good means of information dissemination and entertainment. As radio continues to evolve in the digital age, it remains the medium that reaches the widest audience world wide evoking healthy cross fertilization of ideas through social interactions, discussions, public debates, quiz, poetry, exhibitions/demonstrations of inventions and materials. February 13, 2015 is therefore being celebrated as World Radio Day by the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri in line with the ideals of the United Nations.

This year’s theme is “Youth and Radio”. The idea for this year’s celebration is to raise awareness of Radio Producers and Managers and indeed the general public on the need to involve the young men and women in Radio production and broadcasting as this will go a long way towards discovering potential talents amongst them, thereby paving way for greater professionalism and career choice in the Radio industry.

To this end, The Provost of the College, Dr. Blessing Ijioma approved that the Directorate of Academic Collaboration & Linkages, AIFCE effects youth-focused activities to mark the Day by assembling some youths on the AIFCE Community and to devise their own program in collaboration with radio stations in the State. The AIFCE students will present and anchor self-devised   radio programmes and broadcast same over the radio throughout the whole day. They have planned and rehearsed issue-based discussions for 30mins to 60 minutes in a parliament format centering on “How suited youths are in modern competitive radio digitalization and broadcasting as well as sensitizing   radio station owners and executives, journalists and governments to adopt gender related policies and strategies for Radio producers and presenters. Again, Radio managers are expected to give the youths free hand to read the hourly news (minor or major news) from Radio News Room.

As an icing on the cake, the Alvan Model Secondary School students will go on excursion to the radio stations while the primary satellite arm will engage in children programmes on the day.

It will be recalled that on 24 October 24, 2014, the AIFCE through its Directorate of Academic Collaboration celebrated the United Nations Day with pomp and panoply. It is expected that this Radio Day celebration will be even more rewarding.

The Radio is key to the development of any nation and its benefits must be continually brought to the fore. Radio cannot be allowed to be swallowed by the razzmatazz of television as the threat seems to be. Both are complimentary, but the power of Radio range, its mobility and affordability are advantages that cannot be   ignored. The World Radio Day should be celebrated and the Youth has a major role to play in this regard. The AIFCE community, as ever, leads in the drive to bring worthwhile youth activities to the fore, especially UNESCO inspired programmes. It is our hope that is year’s celebration of the World Radio Day will rekindle the interest of the youth in Radio broadcasting as a practice and in audio engagement